Company Info

Connexus Air is a young and highly dynamic company founded by highly skilled and experienced air industry specialists. As a result the company has grown very quickly requiring always new great and ambitious colleagues to take up the challenge.

Another essential aspect of Connexus Air, making our company unique, is the diversity of cultures. languages, nationalities and expertise you will discover here.

Moreover Connexus Air knows how valuable our employees are. Connexus Air's success and growth in our industry over the past few years depends largely on the energy and efforts of all our employees who serve our clients all around the world with the same professionalism. It is these people who make Connexus Air a great company.

Because we grow and we want to keep up with this trend, we are continually looking for excellent new people who are ready to join a fast growing international company in one of the most promising sector.

All our employees are very customer focused, strive for excellence and must be able to learn fast and to adapt to changing customer requirements.

Because we know from our experience that a win-win long term relationship is something that has to be built from the very first moment we consider every client contact as key. We know and follow our clients as no one else. Between them and us is trust!

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